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Petri Dish Seed Germination Kit

This seed germination kit includes petri dishes, filter paper discs, chlorine test strips, droppers, tools & magnfier. Everything you need to germinate, nurture & handle tiny seeds to seedlings; only $9.95.

Disposable petri dishes that are sturdy enough to be reused! 1.1-1.2mm thick & ~16g each.

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SKU: 22700-SG
Petri dishes, 10 90x15mm. Filter Paper, Cl Strips Combo


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Some seeds can be difficult to germinate & some are just too valuable to leave to chance. This kit combination takes out some of the guesswork.

  • Remove a petri dish from its sleeve & a piece of filter paper from its box.
  • Place a piece of filter paper in the bottom half of the petri dish
  • Put your seeds on the filter paper leaving space around them. You can use the splinter forceps to handle them if they are very small.
  • You can cover with a 2nd piece of filter paper & then gently add water with the droppers at as many places as you need to wet the paper.
  • Cover the bottom half of the petri dish with the top half. You can label the lid as needed
  • Store in a place with an optimum temperature for seed germination
  • Check daily to make sure filter is not dry to the touch. A few drops of water at most should be all you need
  • Once germinated, remove seeds & plant. If you leave the germinated seeds in place longer, use the scissors to cut the filter paper to avoid damaging any fine roots that might have infiltrated the paper.
  • You can use the magnifier to watch the seeds produce smaller & then larger roots.

In normal lab use, plastic petri dishes are discarded but you can reuse them. We have included a vial of chlorine test strips which can help you prepare a dilute solution of chlorine of 200ppm. Use it as a rinse for the petri dishes & once they have dried you can begin the cycle again. Use our sanitizer dilution calculator to help prepare the right concentration with regular household bleach.

22700-9Petri dish, 90x15mm high, plastic, sterile, 10 sets/sleeve1
33735-7Filter paper, 7cm diameter, 100 sheets/pack1
33815-200Chlorine Test Strips for Restaurants; 0-200ppm, ~100/pack1
55551Medicine dropper, 75mm, 0.5/1ml calibration2
22416Forceps, splinter, 115mm (4.5"), straight, stainless1
22208Scissors, iris, 115mm (4.5 inch), stainless, straight1
23400-2.5Linen tester, 25mm (1") 5X glass lens, plastic frame1

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