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3 Loupes + Hand Magnifier

These 3 folding magnifiers loupes come with different magnifications and sizes. All for only $16.95. They're the perfect gift for a biology student, horticulturalist or novice rockhound. We've even included a free 50mm (2") plastic frame, glass lens version as a holiday special.

Click on the Parts Tab below for a more detailed description of each magnifier.

The 2 lens magnifier shown in the picture is out of stock until Nov. 30th. 

SKU: 23203-SP4
3 Geology Loupes and Free 50mm Hand Magnifier


Quantity :

23202-3Geology loupe, 5+5=10X, 30mm (1.25"), glass/plastic1
23203-3Geology loupe, 5+5+5=15X, 30mm (1.25"), glass/plastic1
23201-5Geology loupe, 10X, 50mm (2"), glass/plastic1
23100-5Magnifier, 50mm (2"), 3.25X glass lens, plastic handle1

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