Chlorine/Iodine Test Strips

Indigo brand chlorine test strips from residual to very high level. Ensure your food, restaurant, daycare or hospital sanitization is safe.

Chlorine or more accurately sodium hypochlorite is the cheapest and most popular of the sanitizers. It is most effective against bacteria and disrupts both their cell membranes as well as their biochemical processes. Its effectiveness is compromised by suspended organic matter such as blood and feces.

What is used to test the concentration of chlorine sanitizer?

Simple test strips can measure chlorine but there is a wide range of concentrations used depending on safety requirements.

  1. 0-200ppm: Total chlorine, very good for restaurants.
  2. 0-300ppm. Use instead of 200ppm if need to know available chlorine.
  3. 0-1000ppm. Popular with cruise ships; measures available chlorine.
  4. 0-2000ppm. Great for daycare, seniors homes; measures available chlorine..
  5. 0-10,000ppm. Healthcare faciltiies/hospitals; measures available chlorine..
  6. 0-10ppm. Residual levels only; measures available chlorine.

See Instructions/Safety for how to use our Dilution Calculator.

Iodine is used mainly with glassware in large commercial dishwashers.

Note: All test strips Made in USA & are Q/A'd against NIST standards.

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200ppm Total Chlorine

200ppm Total Chlorine

SKU: 33815-200
$2.45USD or lower Each
300ppm Free Chlorine

300ppm Free Chlorine

SKU: 33815-300
$8.95USD or lower Each
1000ppm Free Chlorine

1000ppm Free Chlorine

SKU: 33815-1000
$15.95USD or lower Each
2000ppm Free Chlorine

2000ppm Free Chlorine

SKU: 33815-2000
$15.95USD or lower Each
10000ppm Free Chlorine

10000ppm Free Chlorine

SKU: 33815-10K
$21.95USD or lower Each
0-10ppm Residual Chlorine

0-10ppm Residual Chlorine

SKU: 33815-10
$21.95USD or lower Each
500ppm Chlorine Dioxide

500ppm Chlorine Dioxide

SKU: 33815-500
$24.95USD or lower Each
200ppm Iodine Test Papers

200ppm Iodine Test Papers

SKU: 33815-I
$2.95USD or lower Each
More Information

Chlorine ppm Dilution Calculator

Diluting Chlorine in American Units: 

1 tsp=5ml
1 tbsp=15ml
1 cup=235ml
1 quart=950ml
1 Gallon=3800ml

To make 1 gallon of 200ppm chlorine bleach solution, enter these in the Dilution Calculator.

  1. 5.25% for the concentration (step 1).
  2. Then 200ppm for step (2).
  3. Then 3800ml for step (3)
  4. Press Calculate.

Result: Amount of bottled chlorine bleach you need to mix with water.


Sodium hypochlorite is the most commonly sold form of chlorine disinfectant & is often simply referred to as bleach. Click here for more information about chlorine disinfectant.


How to Use Chlorine Test Strips?

Instructions for chlorine strip use is the same regardless of concentration range.

  1. Remove test strip from vial.
  2. If paper, dip any end in bleach solution
  3. If plastic, dip pad end in bleach solution
  4. Remove and compare immediately to color chart